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We are always doing our best to get information about Brundall to as many people as possible, and so have been producing all sorts of items from our archive in different ways to enable this to happen.Take a look at our collection of books and other items for sale...

We don't do online sales, but they are available at our meetings, or for availability, delivery and postage options contact

Janet Muter, Rescue of a
                                                  Garden coverRescue of a Garden: Restoring a Lost Garden in Brundall, by Janet Muter

This lovely book describes the history and restoration of a beautiful garden at Lake House, Brundall, by Janet Muter.

In 1881 Dr Michael Beverley bought an area of land with a mere, known locally as Little Switzerland because of its wooded slopes.

Then began many years of dedicated work to  transform it into a magnificent garden, visited and admired by thousands of people. In1919 Frederick Holmes Cooper, a cinema magnate, bought the gardens, which continued to thrive.  

Times changed, and new homes were built on the land - but in the 1980s Janet Muter and her husband bought a new home there, and acquired part of the garden with trees and water features. Much restoration was required, and many people have enjoyed the garden, which has been opened under the National Gardens Scheme. This is Janet's story of her epic project.

Copies, costing 8.50 plus postage (a reduction from the original price), can be purchased via our email address:

Past and
                                                          Present in
                                                          photographsBrundall Past & Present in Photographs

This full colour book, containing over 100 photographs, reproduces vintage images from the Group's Community Archive alongside contemporary views, taken on or near the same spot by Carla Hodgson.  Historical captions by Barbara Ayers provide fascinating insights into why and how certain changes have taken place.

The publication of the book has been sponsored by KIER and Eastern Windows and Doors Ltd. to both of whom we extend our grateful thanks.

It is available in Jarrolds of London Street, Norwich; City Bookshop in Davey Place, Norwich; Brundall Home Hardware in Links Avenue, Brundall, and S  S Mitchell Newsagents, Blofield, priced at 7.50. 

Copies can also be purchased via our email address:

Houses of Brundall
                                            Volume 1Houses of Brundall and Braydeston, Volume 1

This was the first book we published ourselves and it came out in time for Christmas 2011.The sub-title of the book is '...and occupants past and present'.

Each chapter covers a single house and most were by different members of the Group. We found while researching for this book, that some houses had changed their names over the years. For instance, Lavender Cottage in Cucumber Lane, was previously Rose Cottage. It was built by Henry Read in 1891.

Houses included are: Barn Terrace, off The Street; Hillcrest, 66 The Street; Inglebank, 54 The Street; The White House, 44 The Street; Kenmare House, 27 The Street; Glenview, 6 Blofield Road.

The book is illustrated by many black and white photographs both old and new. It is still available price 5.

                                                of Brundall and
                                                Braydeston volume 2Houses of Brundall and Braydeston, Volume 2

This cover shows the wisteria on the front of Coppersmead, 'The Wisteria House'.< text-decoration-color: initial;"> This second volume of our series of books about houses in Brundall was published in 2013.
This time there are seven chapters as follows:-

Chapter 1 - Rectors and rectories
Chapter 2 - The Log Cabin fire
Chapter 3 - The Redclyffe House fire
Chapter 4 - The Holm House and Hillside fires
Chapter 5 - Coppersmead, The Wisteria House
Chapter 6 - Jesmond, 3 Braydeston Avenue
Chapter 7 - Braydeston House, 9 The Street

The book is illustrated by many black and white photographs both old and new. It is still available price 5.

Trees of Brundall and Braydeston

Tree book coverThis book is made up of eleven leaflets which the then Tree Warden of Brundall, John Fleetwood, wrote over several years.  It is illustrated with pictures taken in the summer and winter to show the trees in the different seasons.

Did you know that the robinia tree outside what used to be the Lavender House restaurant is believed to be the oldest tree in Brundall?

The book is still available priced at 5.

Saint Laurence, Brundall
St Laurence church book
Once again, this book produced in 2015, is mostly pictures, with introductions to each chapter written by Barbara Ayers, and includes chapters on Early History, more recent developments, Windows, Memorials and Clock, Rectors and Rectories, Church Room and Churchyard.

This cover is from a painting by George Hallums, a resident of Brundall.

The book is still available priced at 3.

Hospital Book
                                                coverAuxiliary War Hospital, Brundall

Brundall House was believed to have been built about 1815-1820 and the parklands stretched from the river Yare to to what is now Berryfields. In 1914 Herbert King Finch purchased the estate and shortly after, offered the House to the to the Red Cross to become an Auxiliary War Hospital.  It continued until October 1916 when it was closed.
Price 3.

Find out more about the book's content here

Other publications and notelets

Bits and Pieces by Wendy Ward
This book, although not strictly about Brundall, was published by Brundall Local History Group and is the work of Wendy Ward, our former chairman, former web editor (and website creator) and long-serving committee member.  She has been a resident of Brundall for the last fifty years and has been a member of the BLHG since its inception.  She has been persuaded to have her book put into our shop for sale as it is one of our publications.
Find out more about the book - and Wendy - here

The Susie Long Collection of notelets
Susannah (Susie) Long was born in Lowestoft in 1883 and came to Brundall with her parents in 1890. Susie studied at Norwich Art School.  Her grandson, Chris Wood, who still lives in Brundall, lent us a small portfolio he had of Susie's work from this period, and later, which we have turned into several greetings cards.  They are very much of their period, but show just how talented Susie was.
Find out more about Susie and see her work as our notelets

Our notelets of old Brundall
The first items we publishded for sale were six series of notelets, six in each pack, which sold for 2.50 a pack. They proved to be very popular, and some, though not all, are still available. They include street scenes, the railway, village houses, churches and more.
See our notelets here


Our first publication

Book of Brundall and Braydeston cover

The Book of Brundall and Braydeston: a Tale of Two Norfolk Parishes was produced in 2007 by the twenty people invited to a meeting at Brundall Library in the summer of 2005, by the then Library Manager, Barbara Ayers. 

Each person was asked to research subjects of interest to them, or items about which they were especially informed. 

As can be imagined, it took nearly two years to gather all the information together, and four of the members edited it before it was sent to the publisher. 

The book was published by Halsgrove in their 'Community Histories' series. 

Before publication it was necessary for 300 subscribers to be sought in order that 1,000 copies would be printed. 

This title is now out of print, but copies are sometimes to be found on the net on Amazon Books or second-hand book sellers.  The price new was 19.99.

The authors

These are some of the co-authors at one of their meetings in Brundall Library in 2005.  They are, from left to right:
Peter Barrington, Barbara Ayers, Doreen Oliver, Robin Middleton, Golda Conneely, Wendy Ward, Elisabeth Greenwood, Jackie Warnes, Joan Adams, John Stableford, John Thomson, Ann-Marie Simpson, Gerry Hawkins.