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                      Hall 1946

The Memorial Hall when first opened in 1946.  The wooden
building was a Boulton & Paul construction which cost £500,
                      reopening by Lord Blake

The Rt. Hon. The Lord Blake (in the wheel chair) reopening the
Hall after major refurbishment on 7th April 2001




Water, Mills & Marshes

A further opportunity for community archaeology in this area is now being offered under the Heritage Lottery funded “Water, Mills & Marshes” project. This is a Broads-wide project covering environmental issues as well as historical research. The “Broads Hidden Heritage” part of the scheme is offering free training in archaeological and historical research on various topics, beginning with “Churches of the Broads”, “Aerial photography”, “Understanding Maps” and “Archival research”. Being oversubscribed, they will hopefully all be repeated next year and others will come on stream. Two of our members have attended the “Churches of the Broads” event and found it of great interest, including lectures with plenty of time to ask those questions you’ve always wanted to ask then a brief tour of 3 churches to look at the detail of the buildings.

The Link Page gives the “Water, Mills & Marshes” website address.

If you are interested in getting involved in this project, our members Jacky Heath or Ann-Marie Simpson would be pleased to hear from you so that we can co-ordinate our activities.