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Our events for 2021-2

Events are free to members, £2.50 for visitors.




A photo of medieval grafittiSaturday 2nd October at 2.30pm

in the Memorial Hall, Links Avenue, Brundall


MEDIEVAL GRAFFITI: A Window on the Past

An illustrated talk by Matt Champion

Prior to about 1850 all forms of graffiti were, like the outrageous marginalia of a medieval manuscript,

generally accepted by society. As a result, our medieval churches are covered in hundreds of thousands of largely unrecorded inscriptions. They deal with matters of faith, of commerce and of life and death, waiting only for someone to read them.

A Jarrold mugSaturday 6th November at 2.30pm

in the Memorial Hall, Links Avenue, Brundall



An illustrated talk by Pete Goodrum


Writer and broadcaster Pete Goodrum will be telling us about the history of the Jarrold organisation.

Based on his best selling book Jarrold 250: A History his talk will cover the full story of this world famous company and the people who built it.

Lasts and leatherSaturday 8th January 2.30pm

in the Memorial Hall, Links Avenue, Brundall


LASTS & LEATHER: Let’s talk about Shoes

An illustrated talk by Barbara Miller



From earliest times people have needed shoes.

How did they evolve, how are they made and why are they such a source fascination to women? 

We will look at the evolution of shoes and the Norwich shoe trade; a huge part of the city’s economy for  generations.

Elizabeth FrySaturday 5th February at 2.30pm

in the Memorial Hall, Links Avenue, Brundall



A costumed presentation by Georgette Vale


We will join Mrs Fry in 1845 and hear her reflect on her life as a Quaker in Norfolk and London and work as a prison reformer, philanthropist, anti-slavery campaigner and much more besides.



The great Thorpe Railway disasterSaturday 5th March at 2.30pm

in the Memorial Hall, Links Avenue, Brundall



An illustrated talk by Phyllida Scrivens

At Norwich Station on 10 September 1874, a momentary misunderstanding between the Night Inspector and a young Telegraph Clerk resulted in an inevitable head-on collision.
Using extensive research, non-fiction narrative, informed speculation and dramatised events, this talk is a tribute to the 28 men, women and children who died, revealing the personal stories behind the names, hitherto only recorded as a list.

MisericordSaturday 2nd April at 2.30pm

in the Memorial Hall, Links Avenue, Brundall




An illustrated talk by David Berwick


Monastic prayer in medieval times required standing for long periods. Upturned seating sometimes had a small shelf constructed underneath to allow the user to lean against it. Despite being hidden, they were often skilfully carved. This talk will provide a pictorial re-appraisal of their alluring fascination and an evaluation of the importance of the Norwich misericords within an historical and national context.

Extraordinary WomenSaturday 7th May at 2.30pm

in the Memorial Hall, Links Avenue, Brundall



An illustrated talk by Joy Evitt


Most women at the beginning of the twentieth century were to be seen and not heard. They did not have the vote and had few legal rights but some bravely broke the mould. This talk details the activities of some of the remarkable women who did much to improve the lives of others both at home and abroad.


The Queen
                            aged 25Friday 3rd to Monday 5th June 2022



In 2022, Her Majesty The Queen will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, seventy years of service, having acceded to the throne on 6th February 1952 at the age of 25. There will be  a four-day Bank Holiday weekend and BLHG will  be taking part in local celebrations.

Brundall Primary School

50th Anniversary Celebration


BLHG has been working in partnership with the school to mark its official opening in 1970.

BLHG researched  a series of illustrated discovery leaflets based on themes selected by the school to reflect significant trends and developments, both nationally and locally, over the past 50 years.
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