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The “Brundall Memories Collection” has brought together the childhood recollections and photographs of people who grew up and lived in the village during the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s to help us learn about their everyday lives and experiences.  Together with additional research and extracts from contemporary records, we can understand how our village has grown and evolved while Brundall Primary School has become “the beating heart of the community” since it opened in 1969.


Penguins ProjectTo mark the school’s 50th anniversary (1969/70 to 2019/20,Brundall Local History Group created a collection of learning resources derived from its oral history and digital image archive.  


A national timeline was also compiled to provide a backdrop of significant developments, new technologies and changing social ideas and attitudes since the middle of the 20th Century.


Together with the expertise and ingenuity of the school teaching team, this material aimed to inspire classroom activities around the idea of comparing everyday life in 1970 to 2020.  A selection of the results of this special project can be seen in the Brundall Primary School 50th Anniversary Presentation.

The collection of Brundall Memories reading cards, listed below, has been compiled by Brundall Local History Group to highlight various ways life has changed in the village since 1945. They are now available for everyone to enjoy on our website pages.


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     1970-2020Brundall Primary School 50th Anniversary Presentation
Work produced by pupils during a special study week 10-14 February 2020.

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Brundall Memories reading cards

1930s-2020: From Coal to Renewable Energy in Brundall

      Coal was delivered from Thomas Moy’s coal yard at Brundall Station – and the electricity supply wasn’t always reliable: one year in the 1950s it failed on Christmas Day!

1937-1939:  Boys on the Riverside, Brundall          
“The plot behind the Yare Hotel, where Charlie Gibbs’ boat shed was, is where I learnt to swim at the age of nine with the aid of an old car inner tube and a bit of encouragement from the more senior boys.”

1945-1950s: Milk and Bread Deliveries in Brundall
Doorstep deliveries are not the modern innovation that the supermarkets would have you believe!

     1930s-1950s: More Doorstep Deliveries in Brundall
“The fish man didn’t provide wrapping so it was usual to take a plate to get your fish on and some other container to collect the cockles in.”

     1930s-1960s:  Morse’s Rose Fields, Brundall
“Brundall was nearly all owned by Henry Morse and Sons. It was all nurseries – shrubs, trees.”

     1945: Getting to school after the war: “When we were quite young, about seven, we’d be taken to the bus stop by one of the older people but then we used to walk home so we could save the bus money.”

      1946-1971Justice in the District
The village of Brundall is considered sufficiently honest (or small) not to need a Police Station. A solitary member of the local Police Force may occasionally be seen patrolling the village street…”

     1946:  Water Supplies in Brundall
The majority of water supplied in the village of Brundall comes from pumps and wells in the gardens.”

     1950s-1960s: Brundall’s Night Soil Collection
“The ‘night soil ‘ cart, otherwise called ‘the honey cart’, was a council lorry with sliding sides and two operatives who emptied lavatories. Most ‘lavs’ were outside the house so could be readily accessed without disturbing anyone.”


       1950s – 1960s: Listening to the Radio
“Our radio, a large brown Bakelite set, sat on a small table on the far side of the living room. There it remained, as most radios were not portable and needed a permanent electrical connection.”

       1950s – 1960s :Television in Rural Norfolk 
“By the end of the 1950s, watching television was the main leisure activity in the evenings and at weekends for most people.”

      1950s: Merrisons’s Corner Shop and Post Office
“There was no self-service and everything was entered into an account book, the bill being settled at the end of the week.”

        1958: Ferries Across the River Yare
The Coldham Hall ferry was a small ferry, although you could get motor bikes into it, the big ferry of course was the one at Surlingham, where cars and lorries went across.”

      1969: The Doctor’s Surgery at ‘Bradesfield’ in Blofield Road
“The surgery was in Bradesfield in the Blofield Road, and a specially converted garage was my first consulting room. It took us about one year to realise that it was non-sound proof and that people in the waiting room could hear everything.”

        1939-2011: Population Growth in Brundall
How Brundall’s population grew from 1939.

      1945-2020: A National Timeline
Chronological selection of national events.

      1969: Reflections on the Changing Scene in Brundall
An account of how things had changed in the village during the 1960s.

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