There are many little odds and ends which don't seem to come under any other category and which can be found in these 'Bits and pieces'.  Many come from short articles in our quarterly magazine called 'The Brundall and Braydeston Chronicle',  which is produced for our paying members.  We also hope to put in other items which come up from time to time.



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  Fish on wall

On the Finch Way estate in The Street, part of the wall of what was Brundall House (pulled down in 1969)
still remains.  This plaque with the outline of a fish is to be found on it.  Can anyone discover what it is?
There are the initials P.W. inscribed plus a date.  If you want to know exactly where it is,
click on our email address on the Home page and  someone will reply.


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As you peruse these 'interesting' pages, you will doubtless notice the name Barbara Ayers coming up again and again.  Barbara was the Library Manager who got together many residents of the village to write the original 'Book of Brundall and Braydeston' published in 2007, and has been the Secretary of the BLHG since its inception.

Barbara Ayers on her

You will see Barbara on her bike nearly every day in the village.  She has researched information for our books and is adding to the archive on our laptop.

5th April 2016.
We have just heard of the death of Mrs Mary Snelling on 1st April at the age of 110.  She moved to Brundall during the 2nd World War with her parents, having been bombed out of their house in Norwich.  They lived in Norfolk House on the corner of Strumpshaw Road and Blofield Road.  She had two sisters, one of whom also lived to over 100.  They lived in St Catherines, the bungalow in Strumpshaw Road next to Norfolk House.  She was a very loyal member of Braydeston Church and spent some of her final years in Norfolk House now a Care Home.