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World War Two saw the village inundated with different regiments of the army and ATS.  Many of the large houses were commandeered for their billets, officers' quarters and even some artillery was nearby. 

Nissen huts

These old Nissen huts, in the grounds of Holm Close, were used as accommodation by the
Royal Engineers regiment then for Italian prisoners of war. After the Italians left,
these huts were used by people who had been unable to find their own housing.

Mural on wall of Holm Close house

This mural painted by Italian POWs was found at Holm Close Lodge when the house was being redecorated.

Royal Observer Corps

These are the members of the Royal Observer Corps, Brundall, 1939-45.
They manned the post which was in the field between the Mission and Links Avenue.
Their Post was a wooden box-like structure about ten feet square standing on iron legs
and open to the sky.  Full timers did eight hours on watch and part timers four hours.
Their aircraft recognition had to be of a very high standard in order to pass accurate information
to the Norwich Headquarters to be used by the RAF as well as the anti-aircraft gunners.

World War 2 Memorial

This Memorial in St Laurence Church is to Brundall men who died in the Second World War.

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