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It is difficult to believe now, but until 1969 the population of Brundall was not large enough to warrant a school, but now it is celebrating its 50th birthday.

Before that children would go to Strumpshaw, Blofield, or even Hillside in Thorpe unless their parents opted to send them to one of the little ‘dame’ schools within the village. The Strumpshaw School building can still be seen, converted into a house, on the left just before the right turn to the recycling centre and Strumpshaw Fen. 

The first headteacher of Brundall School was David Capp, who came as a young man in 1969 and stayed until he retired in 1998. 

The school in Braydeston Avenue opened with 112 pupils and numbers have fluctuated over the years resulting in mobile classrooms at times and actual building extensions at others. 

The original building was in the ‘open plan’ style of the era. 

Memories of those at school in Mr Capp’s day may well feature the annual trip to Derbyshire, or singing in the choir at St Andrew’s Hall for the music festival.  Pre-school children have been well served by various groups for many years now but for state secondary school education pupils have to travel to Thorpe St Andrew or Acle.

Strumpshaw school

Strumpshaw School, early 1900s


Brundall School, Braydeston Avenue, 1970s

School staff 1975

School staff 1975

Reception 1980

Reception class 1980

School choir at St Andrews Hall

School choir at St Andrew's Hall, Norwich, in the 1980s conducted by the headmaster, David Capp

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