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 One of the advantages of Brundall village is that isn't on a main road.  Not far from the old A47 which
ran through Blofield, Brundall has two roads, one at each end of the village, Cucumber Lane and
  Blofield Road, both adjoining the old A47.  The Street itself runs parallel to the old A47 but about half
a mile south of it.  Most of the old houses are on The Street, some of which can be seen below.
Every village of any size in Norfolk seems to have central road called 'The Street'!

The Street, looking East

This photograph of The Street looking east must have been taken sometime in
the late 1920s or early 1930s by the look of the car in the distance!  On the right
is Church Lane and Ron Unwin's bungalow

Street scene looking west

This photograph of The Street is looking towards the west.  On the left is the wall of
no. 9 The Street, 'Braydeston House' which seems to have been in existence as
early as 1777.

Highfield 1

As you can see, Highfield Avenue was a real avenue of lime trees on both sides.
On the right hand side of the picture you can see two cottages which are still there.
They are wooden with thatched roofs in the Boulton and Paul style.
Highfield Avenue is now made up and forms a bit of a rat race between The Street
and Blofield Road.  The trees on the left have been demolished to widen the road.

Man with a horse, girl with a bike

This is a favourite picture of The Street at the junction with Links Avenue.  The man with the horse and
the girl with the bike show the sort of transport available at the time of the photo.  They are standing
outside a corner shop which is still there today although not still a grocer's as it was then.
The row of cottages is called 'Sunnyside' and you can still see the name on the wall today.

1stTelephone exchange

The girl is standing on the balcony of the first Telephone exchange!  This row of cottages are now
a Dry Cleaners, a Tea Room, an Estate Agents' and the one on the end, formerly a grocer's, is now a Beauty Parlour!
Apart from that, the cottages remain the same.  They are on The Street.

Station Road

Station Road remains the same today, except that it has been made up with tarmac.
You can just see the crossing gates and the station building at the bottom on the right hand side.
It is still difficult to negotiate as large loads come up from the boatyards from time to time.

White Horse and Post Office

This postcard shows 'The White Horse Hotel' on the left and the Post Office on the right,
at the top of Station Road.  'The White Horse Hotel' was demolished about ten years ago,
and replaced by five 'Executive Houses' which have changed the character of the area.
The Post Office is now Hunters, the Estate Agents.  Before that is was Barclays Bank.

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