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This could be your chance to make history!

Brundall Parish Council is requesting suggestions for new road names at the Norfolk Homes/Broom Boats development for 155  houses, off Berryfields, Brundall.

The name of the new estate, selected by the developer, is to be Church Mead.

Broadland District Council will have the final say but are open to suggestions for road names. They need to name around six or seven roads. If the roads are named after local people then the person/people they are named after must be deceased.

Any suggestions for road names, with a brief statement giving the reasons for your choice, must be sent through the Parish Council Clerk via email:

The deadline is  5pm, March 7, 2021. Donít forget to include your full name and address in the email.

Brundall Local History Group has compiled an alphabetical list of all the present street names in Brundall with an explanation of their origins.

Click here to open the list and discover where the name of your street came from and get inspired!

Reads Nurseries workers
                              home of George Levine
Highfield Avenue
Most of the west side of Cucumber Lane was the home of Read's Nurseries, which also occupied part of what is now the Berryfields estate.
This was the home of George Levine, an art dealer and historian who wrote the first history of Brundall. Levine Close is named after him.
Highfield Avenue was reported to be "a very rutted, unmade, tree-lined road" until the mid-1960s. Its name reflects the steep slope and the fact that it ran between fields.

What is the meaning of your street's name?

Click here to open the list and discover where the name of your street came from.

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