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St Laurence Church - map

This 1928 Ordnance Survey map shows the position of the church and Holm Close.

Church Cover

This cover is from an acrylic painting by George Hallums, a resident of Brundall.

Once again, this book produced in 2015, is mostly pictures, with introductions to each chapter written by Barbara Ayers.
There are five chapters:-
Chapter One - Early History
Chapter Two - More recent developments
Chapter Three - Windows, Memorials and Clock
Chapter Four - Rectors and Rectories
Chapter Five - Church Room and Churchyard

Ladbrooke's lithograph

This is one of the earliest pictures of St Laurence Church.
It is a 1824 lithograph by Ladbrooke.

St Laurence Church in 2007

This picture taken in 2007 shows the church as it is today with all its extensions.

St Lalurence interior 2007

This photograph, also taken in 2007, shows the east window, the chancel,
the pulpit and some of the pews.  On the left in the north aisle is the
World War One Memorial window

The book is spiral bound and has photographs both in colour and black and white.

The price is £6.00

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