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The River Yare forms the southern boundary of the village and supports many boatyards and ancillary businesses

Brooms boats laid up for the winter

Some of Brooms boats stored for the winter

The bell to call the ferry

The bell to call the ferry to go to Coldham Hall public house on the other side of the river
Neither the bell nor the ferry are there today

The Yare Hotel

This postcard shows the Yare Hotel, situated over the railway crossing and only about one hundred
yards from the river.  The dyke is now part of Brooms boatyard.

Hire boats on the river

Hire boats on the river!

Pleasure wherry on the river

This wherry is after the style of the original trading boats, but has
been fitted out as a cruiser with cabins and all mod. cons.

2 wherries on the river

This rather older picture dated c. 1890, shows a trading wherry with its sail fully
extended passing a pleasure wherry moored up on the riverside

Riverside chalets

Riverside chalets abound all the way down the road to the ferry.  Mostly built pre
World War 2, they have been altered and added to over the years.  They obscure
the view of the river from the road.

Tidecraft Cruisers

This is a souvenir photograph of the Cole's distinctive riverside bungalow, built in 1967.
The Cole family moved from Surrey in 1953 to set up both home and the original Tidecraft
business on the riverside.

Riverside Stores c. 1949

The Riverside Stores, situated at Tidecraft Cruisers, provided a welcome respite
for parents and were a magnet for children on this hot summer day on the Broads in 1959.
Sadly this shop, the only one on the riverside, closed several years ago.

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