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Volume One

This was the first book we published ourselves and it came out in time for Christmas 2011.
The sub-title of the book is '......and occupants past and present'.  Each chapter covers a single
house and most were by different members of the Group.

Houses of B & B Vol. 1 - cover

Houses bk Vol. 1 map

Chapter One

We found while researching for this book, that some houses had changed their names over the years.  For instance,
house number 1 on the map, now called Lavender Cottage, was previously Rose Cottage.
It was built by Henry Read in 1891.

Rose Cottage 2011

Rose Cottage photographed in 2011

Read family c. 1890

The Read family c. 1890

These are sample pictures in the book.

The following chapters are related to the numbers in the map above:-

Chapter 2: 'Barn Terrace', off The Street
Chapter 3:  'Hillcrest', 66 The Street
Chapter 4: 'Inglebank', 54 The Street
Chapter 5: 'The White House', 44 The Street
Chapter 6: 'Kenmare House', 27 The Street
Chapter 7: 'Glenview', 6 Blofield Road

The book is illustrated by many black and white photographs both old and new.
It is still available price £6.50.

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