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The book is still available at £3

Brundall House was believed to have been built about 1815-1820 and the parklands stretched from the river Yare
to what is now Berryfields.  In 1914 Herbert King Finch purchased the estate and shortly after, offered the House
to the Red Cross to become an Auxiliary War Hospital.  It continued until October 1916 when it was closed.

Map of Brundall House

Hospital book cover

This book was published in October 2014 to commemorate the centenary of the start of the First World War.
It is basically a book of photographs with introductory information at the beginning of each chapter.  They are:-
The House and Village
The Hospital
The Nurses
The Men
The Hospital was run by Commandant Mrs Margaret Harker of Blofield, and many of the VAD nurses came from
there are well.  Here are some sample of pictures of each chapter of the book.

Front of Brundall House

Chapter One.  The House and village

This is the front of Brundall House facing north.  Note the soldier
leaning of out the left hand window on the first floor!

Brundall House back view

Chapter Two.The Hospital.
The view of the back of the house shows some soldiers and nurses posing for the photograph.
Note the conservatory on the east side of the house.

Hospital nurses 1915

Chapter Three.  The Nurses
This photograph shows the nurses in 1915

Hospital patients

Chapter Four.  The Men
Here we have a group of patients in their blue serge suits, with white shirts and red neckties

patients on the river

Chapter Five.  Recreation
The soldiers were able to have many activities while they were in the hospital.  They went
on the river, went to Garden Fetes, produced theatrical shows with a very good stage,
and altogether were able to forget some of the awful things which happened to them in France.

Also produced at the same time as the above book is a four page leaflet which commemorates
the men of Brundall and Braydeston who died during the 1914-18 war.  It gives information about
their regiments, where they served, their hobbies and the position of their graves in France.

Commemoration cover

This leaflet is available and is priced at 50p per copy