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Neighbourhood Plan - 1

Map showing the extent of Brundall Parish

Since 2012, in line with government policy to give local people more of a say in the future of their communities, towns and villages all over the country have been producing their own local plans.

On 11th March 2016, Brundall residents voted by a majority of 95% of those voting, to implement a neighbourhood plan that had been put together by a working group made up of representatives from different organisations in the village, including Brundall Local History Group.  For three years the working group has been meeting together to formulate the plan and these are the policies that will be aimed for:

1.    to improve the pedestrian environment on The Street, and to improve the ‘gateways’ to the village
2.    to provide more walking and cycling routes
3.    to preserve two important views in Brundall
4.    to develop more recreational opportunities
5.    to supply ‘housing with care’ for older people
6.    to expand the range of Brundall’s pre-school facilities.

Broadland District Council will use the Neighbourhood Plan to help decide planning applications, and guide planning decisions within village boundaries for the next ten years.

For more detail see the Neighbourhood Plan itself which can be viewed on the Parish and Broadland District Council websites.  See our ‘Links’ page. 
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