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Brundall Mint

    Back in April 2012 I had a phone call from the daughter of John Hemingway.  She was phoning to tell me about a programme that was to be broadcast on the following Wednesday about local food which was going to include a feature about ‘Brundall Mint’.  I told as many people as possible at the time so some of you will have seen the programme.
    Some years ago Colman’s looked all over the world for the best mint to use in their mint sauce.  Their then crops manager, John Hemingway, found the ideal plant in his own back garden in Postwick Lane, Brundall.  It is still grown and harvested by four Norfolk farmers, one of them being David Bond of Blofield.  Mrs Hemingway was filmed in the garden where she still lives but unfortunately, as so often happens, this was edited out of the final version.  The presenter appeared to jump off a boat at Brundall and the next second was magically transported to Blofield!
    When he was alive John Hemingway meticulously kept a scrapbook and I’m hoping that eventually we will be able to see this.  Apart from the family no-one I’ve spoken to has heard this fascinating story before.                                                               Barbara Ayers
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