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Cover of Book of B & B

This book was produced in 2007 by the twenty people invited to a meeting at Brundall Library in the summer of 2005, by the then Library Manager, Barbara Ayers.  Each person was asked to research subjects of interest to them, or items about which they were especially informed.  As can be imagined, it took nearly two years to gather all the information together, and four of the members edited it before it was sent to the publisher.  The book was published by Halsgrove in their 'Community Histories' series.  Before publication it was necessary for 300 subscribers to be sought in order that 1,000 copies would be printed.  This title is now out of print, but copies are sometimes to be found on the net on Amazon Books or second-hand book sellers.  The price new was £19.99.

Authors of Book of B & B

These are some of the co-authors at one of their meetings in Brundall Library in 2005.  They are, from left to right:
Peter Barrington, Barbara Ayers, Doreen Oliver, Robin Middleton, Golda Conneely, Wendy Ward, Elisabeth Greenwood,
Jackie Warnes, Joan Adams, John Stableford, John Thomson, Ann-Marie Simpson, Gerry Hawkins.
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