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Mike Page comes from Strumpshaw, the next village to the east of Brundall.  For over 40 years Mike has been going
up in his light aircraft to take pictures of Norfolk in all its aspects.  He has produced many books of photographs,
the profits of which he gives to charity.  Here are some pictures of Brundall and area.

Aerial picture of Brundall

The foreground is the eastern extent of Brundall; the boatyards come up white because
of the colour of the boats, and in the distance is the west of the village

Brundall from afar

This picture taken from higher up shows the u-bend in the river with the two dykes on the right
and the boatyards in the centre.  The rest of the village is north of the railway line.

The Memorial Hall from the air

In the foreground is the Memorial Hall with its car park, playground and playing field.

The playing field

The cricket field, established by Mr Biss is situated on Strumpshaw Road.  It was the home
of the 'Vauxhall Mallards' cricket team.  However, in 2015 is has become a building site
and no less than 44 houses are being built on it.

Aerail photo of boatyards

This shows the boatyards and their location by the river.

Aerial - 6

This is a more distant view of the U-bend in the river.  In the foreground are the boatyards,
and in the middle distance, the chalets are lining the river, with the two dykes which
allow access to smaller boatyards, ancilliary businesses and the Marina.

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